Who are we?

“Esence – Prague magazine“: is the first magazine in Chinese for the Chinese public, published by a major Czech publishing house. Mladá fronta, a.s., which publishes Esence, is the oldest Czech publishing house and has been conducting business for over seventy years. Its portfolio contains an extensive number of books published and also magazines such as the “Euro” economic weekly.

Quality and exceptionality: From the content and visual aspect Esence is an ambitious magazine. It is published in a large format - 230 x 290 mm, on two types of paper with a luxury cover on 300 g KM with partial varnish.

Target group: The target group for Esence is tourists, of whom increasingly larger numbers travel from China to the Czech Republic (300,000 people last year, which is over 100,000 more than in 2014). The second target group is Chinese businessmen, who are interested in investing in the Czech Republic.

Where to obtain Esence: Esence is distributed mainly on flights between Prague and Peking and other Chinese cities. It is also available from major Czech travel agencies, luxury hotels, airports and tourist sites in Prague, Český Krumlov, Karlovy Vary etc. Esence is also presented in individual Chinese regions for the requirements of local entrepreneurs seeking partners in Central Europe. The magazine can also be ordered in printed or on-line versions on this website. 15,000 copies of Esence are published.

When is Esence published?: “Esence – Prague magazine“ is published quarterly. The 30 October is set as the first publishing date, 30 November as the second publishing date.

Esence Vision

The goal of the Esence Magazine is clear: To present the best of the Czech Republic to the Chinese public. The Czech Republic is an interesting economic partner for China and more and more Chinese tourists are travelling to discover the beauties of the Czech Republic - the architecture, culture, nature, the spirit of Prague, Český Krumlov and other places.

Magazine structure: The Esence Magazine is an excellent magazine from the aspect of design, photography and text. The majority of the magazine is on an “intelligent lifestyle”. Or everything that makes our life interesting, original and attractive. You can find tourist information, a section about luxury goods, interesting facts from Czech history, culture and social life and also essays on philosophical and psychological topics, related

to the intellectual and spiritual traditions of the Czech basin, in this magazine. Esence also has an economic section, which presents Czech companies to the Chinese public. Esence consequently has lifestyle, cultural, intellectual and business aspects. Esence is also presented as an apolitical magazine.

Editorial staff: The editorial staff of Esence consists of experienced reporters, designers and photographers under the management of Jan Müller, who has also prepared the ZEN – Russian edition magazine at Mladá fronta for instance.

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